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  • Welcome Back, Middle Graders!

    Today, our blended learners in Middle Grade are returning to the school building. We are so excited for you to see your peers and teachers once again! Please remember to complete your health questionnaire before entering the building. You can either print it out or show it to a staff member on your mobile device. Thank you!

  • Run for a Seat on an Education Council!

    Run, serve, lead! We could use your thoughtful representation in District 1! Apply now -- application deadline is Feb. 28th! Please let us know if you have any questions. 

  • Happy Holidays!

  • Check out our school store's new limited edition, Learn From Home (LFH) collection!

    We're excited to announce the launch of our online PTA school store with the limited edition Learn From Home (LFH) line: a capsule collection of cozy and fun NEST+m spirit wear for students so they can keep their school spirit strong while working hard from home. Pick up some cozy pieces -- perfect for the holidays!

    NEST+m Online School Store


  • Welcome Back, Blended K-5 Learners!

    In-person learning resumes tomorrow for our LG students! For students in grades 1-5, please remember that all blended learning students MUST have a signed consent form to return to school. Submitting consent to have your child tested for COVID-19 in school is quick and easy. If you have already submitted consent, we encourage you to do so again to ensure your student has the latest form on file. There are two ways to submit your consent:
    1. Fill out the form online using a New York City Schools Account ( Log in, click your student’s name, click “Manage Account,” and then when a dropdown menu appears, click “Consent Forms.” Read the page, and then choose the consent option at the end for your student.
    2. Complete the paper form and return it to school when you return.
    Please also remember that in order to keep everyone safe and healthy, anyone entering an NYCDOE building- students, staff, parents, and other visitors, must complete a daily health screening before entering. The health screening can be done digitally, or a paper version can be completed at school.
    Thank you!
  • Support NEST+m PTA's General Fund on #GivingTuesday!

    Today is #GivingTuesday and all around the world, people are supporting their favorite charities and causes. Do you believe in the power of an amazing education? Show your support by donating today to the PTA's General Fund - something extra or for the first time! 


  • The Official NYC DOE 2020-2021 Calendar is Out!

    NYC DOE School Year Calendar 2020-2021

  • Congratulations to the 2020-2021 NEST+m PTA Executive Committee and Newly Elected SLT Parent Representatives!

    Please welcome the newly elected PTA Executive Committee. A special thanks to the Nominating Committee and our Parent Coordinator, Lisa Seale Cruz, for organizing the elections. Looking forward to a great year!

    2020-2021 PTA Executive Committee

    CO-PRESIDENTS -  Donna Kwong (LG), Francine Turone (MG) and Ronni Siegel (UG)

    CO-VICE PRESIDENTS, Lower Grades -  Uma Rajagopal and Sarika Gregoire
    CO-VICE PRESIDENTS, Middle Grades -  Annika Colston and Patrick Train-Gutierrez
    CO-VICE PRESIDENTS, Upper Grades -  Vetia Searcy and Elena Dokianos

    TREASURER - Eileen Yim


    CO-RECORDING SECRETARY - Cindy Liang and Erica DeSimone

    CO-VP OF FUNDRAISING - Judy Lee (LG), Lisa Usdan (MG) and Raffaella Palacardo (UG)

    CO-VP OF COMMUNICATIONS - Myo Quinn and Amy Schuman

    CO-VP OF VOLUNTEERS, CLASS PARENTS & COMMITTEES - Michelle Ko and Annie Davidson

    CO-VP OF GRANTS - Karena Rahall and Pritha Mittal

    CO-VP OF ATHLETICS - Lynn Schteingart and Robin Schatell



    Joining current Parent Representative, Yulia Gutkovich are the following newly elected SLT Parent Representatives:

    Joseph Ng
    Niyati Parekh
    Amy Prince
    Neel Shah

    THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up to run for a position on the PTA EC or the SLT.  We are always in need of volunteers.  Even if you did not get elected, please reach out to the PTA and see how you can help.  You do not need to be a PTA EC member to be on a committee.  Let's soar together!

    Stay safe and healthy.  And have a wonderful summer!

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PTA Connect

What is PTA Connect?

PTA Connect is the system database of the NEST+m PTA. Joining PTA Connect allows you to receive important school communications, access the Member Directory, make donations, and see your purchase/donation history. NEST+m PTA uses PTA Connect to sell tickets to school events and collect contributions to the Classroom Supplies and Teacher Appreciation events. 

If you have forgotten your PTA Connect password, please visit the Password Reset webpage.

Log in to PTA Connect SIGN UP for PTA Connect DONATE to the NEST+m PTA

Are your PTA emails going into junk/spam folders?

Despite our best efforts, many PTA emails end up in your junk/spam or promotion folders. This happens because Google, Yahoo and other email providers automatically tag the emails their servers receive from companies such as Mailchimp. The PTA uses Mailchimp to manage our lists and to create and send emails to our community. 

We recommend the following steps to ensure that PTA emails reach your Primary email inboxes.

1. Please add the following email addresses to your Contacts in whatever email provider you use. 

2. Please REDIRECT our emails into your primary inbox by following the instructions below for the most frequently used providers.

Read Mailchimp's info on how to get their emails into Gmail's primary Inbox.

Always show an email in your inbox
If an email doesn't belong in a label, remove your email from the label so that it shows up in your inbox.

  1. Open an email in your inbox.
  2. In the top right, select Move to .
  3. Choose the Remove from option.
  4. Select Always do this in the black bar at the bottom.
  5. Check to make sure your email is directly in your inbox and not in a label.

If you don't see the email in your inbox, it might be in one or more labels, such as Low Priority or any custom labels. Once you find your email, select Move to   Choose Remove from. You may have to repeat these steps.


  1. Navigate to Yahoo Mail, log in to your Yahoo account and click the "Spam" folder. Junk emails are stored in this folder.
  2. Click the email that was wrongfully treated as junk mail to open it.
  3. Click the "Not Spam" button in the toolbox to immediately send the email to the Inbox folder. Emails from the same sender will not be treated as junk mail anymore and will be sent to the Inbox folder.

To mark a message as not junk, do the following:

  1. In Mail, click the Junk E-mail folder in the Navigation Panel. 
  2. In the message list, click any message that you want to mark as not junk.
  3. On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Not Junk.

Shop online, and earn for NEST+m!

It’s never been easier to support our school! NEST+m PTA participates in affiliate programs with the following partners. Just visit the NEST+m PTA website and click on the links below, then shop as you normally would! A portion of the proceeds will automatically be donated to the NEST+m PTA!


 AmazonSmile fundraiser   Mabel's Labels School Fundraiser  Lands' End School Fundraiser    Office Depot School Fundraiser  Box Tops Fundrasier 

  • AmazonSmile  (AmazonSmile will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to NEST+m PTA. Select "NEST M Parent Teachers Association" as your charity.) 
  • Mabel's Labels: Help reduce our Lost & Found by using these high-quality waterproof personalized labels. The PTA receives 20% of your purchase. Select "NEST+m PTA (Manhattan)" and start shopping!
  • Donate AMEX points
  • Lands' End: Use the NEST+m preferred code 900062597. Earn 2.5%
  • Office Depot: Earn 3%
  • Fairway: Pick up your Fairway Community Partners card in the PTA Office! School gets 3% of your total purchase!
  • Box Tops: Each Box Top is worth 10 cents to a participating Box Tops school. Box Tops can be earned from receipt scans or traditional Box Tops clips.  Bonus Box Tops certificates or Bonus Box Tops offers, when available, are usually worth more than that.

Whole Child Program

Whole Child is a parent-led group that meets monthly to address social, emotional and academic concerns of all students. Whole Child collaborates with the school administration to ensure that teachers meet the social, emotional and academic needs of all students.

In addition, the Whole Child Committee sponsors speakers and workshops that help parents positively address their children's concerns. Whole Child meets on the last Monday of the month in the Cafeteria at 8:30 a.m.

If you have any questions, please email

For ongoing updates, please become a member of

Non-Profit Status

NEST+m PTA is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. The EIN is 41-2225124.

You can find our IRS Tax Exemption Letter here.