Upper 9-12

Our Students


Created in 2001 as a public school for Gifted & Talented students, NEST+m has become one of the most dynamic, challenging, and esteemed high schools in the nation.

NEST+m is committed to providing all of its students with a rigorous curriculum that engages them in questioning, analyzing and creating meaning from the world around them. In addition to our high school curriculum that includes an extensive array of Advanced Placement classes, our students engage in college level courses through our partnership with the College Now program at Hunter College.

All NEST+m Upper Grades students are required to complete 60 hours of community service, with a minimum of 30 hours to be completed within our school community.

Since NEST+m opened in 2001, 100 percent of our graduating seniors have gone on to an institute of higher learning.

Visit our Upper Grades Admission webpage for admissions information.


Principal Assistant Principals Assistant Principal of Special Education
Meaghan Lynch, Principal
Gregory Farrell
Keshia Souffrant
Tessa Derfner
Student Services

Stephanie Glickman, Guidance Counselor/Admissions Officer (Grades 9 and 10)
Katherine Silva, Guidance Counselor (Grades 11 and 12)
Nancy Alba, College Guidance Counselor
Elena Beale, K-12 Special Education Instructional Lead | SETSS K-5

Michelle Roper, Joe Senno: ENL Coordinators

George W. Basley, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12
Carrie Bray, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12
Jason Chin-Fatt, Special Education ICT Teacher 9-12 | Department Chair
Daoyen Lei, Special Education ICT 9-12
Neil Selter, Special Education ICT 9-12
Abena Amoh, Library Research
Joel Arberman, Advanced Placement Coordinator
Hagar Sadan, IEP Teacher
Chad Cinquegrana, PSAL Athletic Director
Jaclyn O’Connor, Dean


Health and Physical Education

Social Studies

Rebecca Gordon, English 9 | English Chair
Gabrielle Utting, English 10
Chandler Wells, AP English Language and Composition | English 11
William Yusah, 9th Grade Theater
Anna Swann-Pye, English 12 | Creative Writing | AP English Literature

Chad Cinquegrana, Physical Education | Athletic Director | Physical Education Chair | Health
James Castillo, Physical Education
Scott McLaughlin, Physical Education
Jaclyn O’Connor, Physical Education 6-12 | Health
Ms. India Allen, Global Studies I
Ellen Strzalkowski, AP Psychology | Economics
Mr. Robert Curry-Patel, AP US History | US History
Mr. Steve Martin, AP World History | Global Studies II
Mr. Benjamin Waldman, US Government | Contemporary World Affairs & Analysis
Mathematics & Computer Science Sciences World Languages
Alana Gross, Mathematics Chair: Geometry|Algebra II/Trigonometry
Luigj Grima: AP Calculus AB & BC|Calculus Applications
Brandon Inhaber: Pre-Calculus & Geometry
Margaret Tanzosh: Computer Science|AP Computer Science|Algebra II/Trigonometry
Jim Johnson: AP Statistics|Algebra II/Trigonometry
Brock Burkett: Algebra I
Joel Arberman, Regents Chemistry
Regents Chemistry | AP Chemistry | Experimental Chemistry
Andrew Wells Living Environment | AP Biology | Environmental Biology
Dr. Scott Justus Living Environment | Microbiology
Lena Krumgalz, AP Biology | Bioengineering

Hyungmin Park, Regents Physics | AP Physics | Science Chair
 Regents Physics | 3D Modeling

Rachel Guadron, Spanish 7 | Spanish II
 Spanish 6 | Spanish III
Marisel Estrada, Spanish 7 | Spanish I, II
Kate Thompson, Spanish 8
Weina Ma, AP Chinese / Mandarin
Art Music
Ms. Hilary Svihla, Studio Art I | Art Chair Mr. Craig McGorry, Music 9-12
Mr. Pieter Voorhees, Middle Grades Music | Music Chair

Core Courses and Electives

Our academic courses are designed to inspire students’ intellectual curiosity, enrich their content knowledge, and build the skills necessary to ensure their success in college and beyond. New York State Regents courses comprise the foundation of our academic program while a wide selection of Advanced Placement courses and rigorous electives ensure our students’ college readiness.

Resources for Student Course Selection

The Advanced Placement courses offered: Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Computer Science Principles, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Physics, Psychology, Spanish Language, United States History, World History.