Middle Grade Admissions


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How to apply to NEST+m Middle School:

  • The Middle School application is now closed. If you are new to NYC, please contact a Family Welcome Center for assistance.
  • Speak to your school's Guidance Counselor or Family Welcome Center representative about setting up your MySchools account.
  • Apply to NEST+m by ranking NEST+m as one of the schools on your Middle School application.
  • This year, students will be admitted by lottery and grades are not considered.

Helpful tips:

Our school is NOT AFFILIATED with the NEST Autism Spectrum Disorders Program at NYU. Please visit the NEST ASD webpage for more information.


Thank you for your interest in the Middle Grades at NEST+m.

At NEST+m, intellectualism, inclusivity, collaboration and exploration within and beyond our school community enable our students to lead lives filled with learning, discovery and purpose.

NEST+m Middle Grades is a city wide school, open to applicants from all boroughs of New York City. Applicants can rank NEST+m Middle Grades in the list of schools in the MySchools application portal. Our school's DBN number is 01M539.

Applicants should NOT send any supporting application materials to the school as they cannot be considered as part of their application.

NOTE: This year we anticipate having as few as 10 seats available, as we have an unusually large 5th grade moving up into 6th grade.



Students who live in Manhattan below 93rd st, and are in grades K-6, MAY be eligible for free yellow bus transportation. 

There were also parent-organized (paid) bus routes for students in grades K-12 who live in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. These routes were suspended due to the pandemic. Once most students are back in person, these routes MIGHT be reinstated. Visit the Transportation webpage for more information.

It is too early to determine if either of these options are available for September 2021. We cannot respond to any transportation questions until mid-summer 2021. Please assume that you will need to make transportation arrangements for your child to travel back and forth to school.

All students who do not ride the public yellow bus will be issued a student Metrocard.