Upper Grade Admissions


Thank you for your interest in the Upper Grades at NEST+m!

As a K-12 school designed to meet the needs of students with advanced academic needs, we are committed to providing all of our students with equity-driven, accelerated instruction. We apply the principles of equity-driven accelerated learning to our Upper Grades admissions process. 

Upper Grades Admissions Priorities

  • Diversity in Admissions: Priority to new applicants who are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) for 66% of seats.
  • Continuing NEST+m Students: Continuing students at NEST+m have first priority for admission to our Upper Grades program. NEST+m 8th graders that rank NEST+m on their high school application are guaranteed an offer to our Upper Grades program, so long as they do not match to a more preferred school on their application.
  • Geographic Priority: There is no geographic priority for NEST+m. NEST+m is a citywide school; our students hail from all 5 boroughs.

Upper Grades Admissions Requirements are listed below.

Students who who would like to be considered for admissions to NEST+m must:


You will receive your child’s Upper Grades offer from the Department of Education in your MySchools account sometime in the Spring. You will be able to log into your MySchools account to see the results, and you will receive a letter by mail. Visit the Department of Education’s High School Admissions webpage to learn more.

We will post Orientation information for admitted students on the Orientation webpage.


Visit the Transportation webpage for more information. All students who do not ride the public yellow bus will be issued a student Metrocard.