Upper Grade Admissions


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High School Admissions for Fall 2023

  • NEST+m Upper Grades is a screened high school. 
  • All current 8th and first-time 9th grade students who live in New York City can apply to high school and test and/or audition to apply to the Specialized High Schools during the 2022-2023 school year.
  • The application window is now closed. The waitlist will remain open until late September..
  • NEST+m is NOT a specialized high school. NEST+m Upper Grades is part of the Regular High School Admissions application in your MySchools account.
  • Talk to your child’s current school counselor. They will be your main point of contact through the admissions process. If your child attends a private or parochial school or is homeschooled, you can also contact a Family Welcome Center

The Upper Grades Virtual Tours/Open Houses dates are listed on our Welcome Events webpage.



NEST+m Upper Grades Rubric

Seat Availability

  • Total Seats: 150  (General Education: 116/Students with Disabilities: 34)

Anticipated Seats for New to NEST+m students

  • General Education: 47 - 70
  • Students with Disabilities: 8 - 15

Diversity in Admissions Program

  • Yes- Priority to students eligible for free or reduced lunch for 66% of offers.
    DIA applies only to offers for non-continuing students (NEST+m 8th graders are not a part of this calculation)

Total Anticipated Offers 2022 - 2023

Because students can receive multiple offers (Regular HS Application, SHSAT, and LaGuardia) Offers to our UG Program exceed available seats. We anticipate:

  • General Education: 224 offers

  • Students with Disabilities: 34 offers

  • Total New to NEST+m Offers: 153

Waitlist Offers 

  • Yes - waitlist offers will be made

Tour Dates (General Public)

Application Dates & Links

  • Application Opens: October 12th
  • Application Closed: December 5th
  • Online Admissions Activity Deadline: December 11th

DOE Application Portal: MySchools 

Online Admissions Activity: Google Form


Thank you for your interest in the Upper Grades Program at NEST+m!

As a K-12 school designed to meet the needs of students with advanced academic needs, we are committed to providing all of our students with equity-driven, accelerated instruction. We apply the principles of equity-driven accelerated learning to our Upper Grades admissions process. 

Upper Grades Admissions Priorities

  • Diversity in Admissions: Priority to new applicants who are eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch (FRL) for 66% of seats.
  • Continuing NEST+m Students: Continuing students at NEST+m have first priority for admission to our Upper Grades program. NEST+m 8th graders that rank NEST+m on their high school application are guaranteed an offer to our Upper Grades program, so long as they do not match to a more preferred school on their application.
  • Geographic Priority: There is no geographic priority for NEST+m. NEST+m is a citywide school; our students hail from all 5 boroughs.

Upper Grades Admissions Requirements are listed below.

Students who who would like to be considered for admissions to NEST+m must:


Both writing tasks will be submitted on a google form; you cannot save in a google form as you type, so we recommend typing your answers in a separate document and then copying and pasting your responses into the google form. 

If you have read all the directions carefully, reviewed the provided resources, and planned your responses, you are ready to complete the NEST+m Online Admissions Activity. See the Rubric for the Online Admissions Activity.

  • All online assessment activities must be submitted by 11:59pm ET on December 11, 2022
  • Applicants may only submit the google form one time
  • Submissions that are found to be plagiarized will receive a score of zero
  • Incomplete submissions will receive a low score
  • You will receive a copy of your responses when you successfully submit your online admissions activity- if you do not receive a copy of your responses, reach out to us right away at admissions@nestmk12.net


Visit the Transportation webpage for more information. All students who do not ride the public yellow bus will be issued a student Metrocard.


You will receive your child’s Upper Grades offer from the Department of Education in your MySchools account sometime in the Spring. You will be able to log into your MySchools account to see the results, and you will receive a letter by mail. Visit the Department of Education’s High School Admissions webpage to learn more.

We will post Orientation information for admitted students on the Orientation webpage.



  • There is no sibling priority for students applying to high school.
  • NEST+m is NOT AFFILIATED with the NEST Autism Spectrum Disorders Program at NYU. Please visit the NEST ASD webpage for more information.

Students new to NYC Public Schools:

Helpful Links

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