Parent Teacher Conferences

PLEASE Prioritize seeing 3 teachers: 2 core teachers and 1 elective teacher. Core subjects are Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. In order for us to accommodate the largest number of families during Parent-Teacher Conference hours, we are asking families to limit their sign-ups to see 3 teachers per student.

If you are not able to schedule all the conferences you would like, please know that you can email your teacher(s) to request a conference at an alternate time!

We hope that you leave conferences feeling supported, optimistic, and connected to our community, and that you have clear next steps to help your child further their growth. 

Signing Up and Attending Conferences

Sign-up sheets will go live on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 at 7:00pm.

Please space out the time slots you select for conferences. We’ll need to be firm with our start and end times, so make sure you give yourself enough time to close out one Zoom link, and open the next one. We recommend 5 or more minutes in between conference times.

Make sure your Zoom name is your child’s name. This will ensure that teachers admit guests from the waiting room in the correct order. 

Use the meeting ID and password to join your conference if the Zoom link does not work for you.

If you miss your Zoom conference time, email the teacher to request a conference at an alternate time.