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If your child has received an offer to attend NEST+m, please follow the steps below to begin the registration process.

Step 1: Download the forms listed below and save them on your desktop.

Fill them out, and email them back to our Records inbox at You can fill out the forms electronically, save them, and send back as attachments. Or, you can print, fill out, scan or photograph, and send back as attachments.

Registration documents for ALL students:

Additional REQUIRED documents for students who are new to the NYC Department of Education (coming from private schools, charter schools, out of state, etc):

Step 2: If you are entering Grades 7-12, you MUST complete this important survey.

You will be asked to choose course electives and language preferences which we need in order to create your class schedule. 6th graders do not have elective or language preferences, but we do need the other information. Please have your latest report card or transcript available to upload. Students entering in K-5 do NOT need to fill out this form.

Also, please fill out the  Technology Survey to let us know your technology needs.



Contact the Parent Coordinator at